My first book launch party

We had a fantastic book launch party last evening in Óbidos with about 20 friends here in our neck of Portugal. We met at The Literary Man Hotel where they have about 80,000 books for sharing and trading – a perfect location. A Brush with Reality is now its own reality!

The grouped sipped on Ginja Royale in champagne flutes, enjoyed the avocado toast, cherry tomato salad, fresh veggies and fruit skewers. I did two readings of the prologue and chapter 1, and answered several questions about my writing process and the next book (already underway). Everyone signed a big poster about the book which we will frame for the new house on the hill. It was amazing to have this close group of supporters there to share this special event with us.

Although we live here in Portugal, the book is definitely in English… not sure I will ever be able to write in Portuguese!

So far, everyone who has read it or is now reading is really enjoying the suspense. Several have mentioned that it will make a great movie someday. Who should play Sean and Teri?

If you have not yet gotten your own copy, what are you waiting for???

Available on Amazon (so far) in kindle and paperback nearly worldwide.

We are working out some kinks for China and India, but it will also be available there soon.

Thanks again to Marcia Allyn Luke, my editor and publisher via Twin Horseshoes Publishing.


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