Stories & Books

 A Brush with Reality

Started in Phoenix in 2017-2018, and finally completed in Portugal, July, 2022. Available on Amazon as a Kindle e-book and paperback on July 28, 2022, in Amazon US, Spain, and Germany. Click HERE to check out the details. Thanks to Marcia Allyn Luke for the amazing work on editing and publishing via Twin Horseshoes Publishing.

The Farmhouse

My first novelette which was set aside for a long while. Beginning in late 2022, I will begin work on this again and hope it will be my second published novel.

A Mercedes, a Harley, and a Horse

My second novelette.  The story is nearly finished, with just a few gaps to fill in.  

The Source

My first novel attempt.  Still underway.  About 70,000 and still no ending.  This one may take a while. 🙂

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