Happy Holidays 2022 (and a teaser!)

Happy holidays to all!

As the year draws to a close it’s always a good time to reflect on the blessings and the lessons from the prior twelve months. Obviously, I am eternally grateful to my best friend and most loving wife, Thene, for standing by me through the ever-undulating waves of emotions that have rippled through our life together, particularly 2022.

I am also grateful for all of you who purchased my book and double for those who took the time to write a review. For those of you reading this who HAVE read A Brush with Reality, you are in for a treat. It was suggested that I write Shaw’s story. How did he become the person that he did, and why was he in Sarah’s house that night. Well, I have been working on the back-stories for weeks and as soon as the holidays allow me to return to my work, I plan to write A Victim of Reality!  

Here’s the first draft of the back cover.

Levi Shaw. The name that is either said with reverence, or fear. He’s a mastermind, a leader, a cold- blooded murderer with a psychotic flair, and as far as the police can tell, a ghost. Despite everything they know, there is no history of the man. No fingerprints, no photographs, and never any evidence of those misfortunate enough to cross him. But those stories are ancient. Rumor had it Shaw was retired, or dead. And things may have remained that way, until someone made the mistake of harming the only person he ever loved. That was unacceptable. And now he would set things right.

A Victim of Reality, by Roger Sheehy

You will need to read my first book in order for the second to really make sense, but I plan to make the story intriguing on its own.  As for The Farmhouse, I haven’t abandoned it. It’s just on the back burner.

That’s all for now. I wish a fabulous, and peaceful new year, to all!

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