Walk About Milson’s Point

Located on the north side of Sydney Harbour, Milsons Point is one of the areas where real people live. It’s not a high priced tourist trap, it’s quaint, quiet and inhabited by families. Separated by a bridge, it’s light years from the city.

Easily accessible by rail, ferry or by foot if you’re close to the Sydney Harbour bridge, Milsons is also the home of Luna Park, a small midway-style amusement park (think “state fair”) but the reason to visit is for the view of Sydney from this side of the bridge, the multitude of restaurants, and the small town feel, at least small compared to Sydney.

Though far from cheap (lunch will run you $10-15 easy and dinner at least double that), the pace is slower and the people less metropolitan. Though hardly unique, I had lunch at Masto’s. I ordered the Portuguese chicken wrap (I can’t really explain why it was called that) and a Coke. The sandwich was very good, an portioned enough for two, easily. But it still came to $11.50 AU.

Walk beneath the bridge and take in the view of the harbor, the opera house and down town. By the fixin’s for lunch in one of the local delis or grocery stores and enjoy a picnic in the park beneath the bridge. Then either walk back to Sydney via the bridge or take the ferry.



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