A Sale… A Quest

The lightning’s strobe effect lit the room for a full second before the darkness returned, but it was long enough for him to see them at the top of the stairs. Frozen like fawns in a spotlight. With a second burst, they were gone. He had hoped to catch them sleeping. They were, after all, innocent in this. It was their mother he wanted to hurt.

“Don’t worry,” he muttered. “It´ll be quick.”

Prologue, A Brush with Reality

So many of you have read my debut novel A Brush with Reality and love it! “Great summer read!” “Captivating. I could NOT put it down.” “Who is Levi REALLY ?” “This would be a great movie!”

It’s time to share it with even MORE people and spread the word of a good story farther and wider.

Beginning October 13th (yes, this is Thene’s birthday!), the book will go into one week of a massive Kindle Countdown Sale. Our goal is to see if we can sell 100 kindle books within that week!

On the 13th, the book price will begin at just $.99… yes… 99 CENTS!

Every day or so, it will rise by one dollar until the 20th when it goes back to its normal price of $9.95.

If you did not purchase the kindle book yet, set your alarms for October 13th.

This deal is only available at the Amazon.com site for now.

If you purchased in the past, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Not yet? This is your chance to help a new independent author launch! Buy your own copy or share the link with friends.

And… to make the biggest impact, please SHARE your REVIEW on Amazon or on Goodreads.

October 13… watch for the Kindle Countdown Deal here on the book page.

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