Thanks… and new research

Hey Everyone… it has been a week since my book, A Brush with Reality, launched on Amazon. Looks like everyone is liking it so far (I don’t read the reviews. Thene just tells me about them.)

I already started working on my next book, The Farmhouse. Long walks in rural Portugal are an amazing source of creativity! This is a story that was started many years ago, around 2014 in Arizona, but it has popped up again in my mind to re-create and finish. For a very short time, a version of this was on my website, but what I know now is that it was nowhere near ready for prime time!

I’m also checking out some new software, Campfire, as a new way to organize my research, characters, and storyline. I’m not a lover of technology, but I am hoping this will help me organize the many bits of information that go into building a new story.

REQUEST: The new Farmhouse story takes place in rural Kansas, circa 1949. I need to do a bit of research with someone who was about 10-16 years old, men and women, around 1949 in rural Kansas or somewhere similar. Please DM me if that’s you, or please do a referral.

Thanks to all of you supporting me. I hope to launch many more fun stories into the world!

#abrushwithreality #rogersheehy

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