A Funny Thing Happened While Leaving the Train Station

I was standing in the main entry of the train station doing something on my phone when a man approached me. 

“Do you speak English?”  he asked.

“Sim, I said.  After a year in Braga, I was accustomed to responding in Portuguese.  Answering sim (or “yes”) is a knee-jerk reaction for me even if I do not fully understand. 

He pointed to the electronic board that displayed the trains.

“Are those departures?”  He asked pointing to the board.

My brain having yet to catch-up with the fact that this man was speaking in my native tongue, I hesitated for a moment.  I must have also looked confused because the man quickly added with hand gestures,

“Going away?”

“Sim,” I answered, the Portuguese words again getting to the front of my mouth.

The man thanked me and rushed off to the tracks, leaving me shaking my head and laughing!

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