The best little wine bar in Phoenix

Ever wanted to try one of those high-dollar wines, but didn’t want to commit to the whole bottle?  Or maybe you’re the kind of person you likes to try a little bit of everything?  A “flight” person (wine flights, beer flights, etc.)?  Well, now there’s a wine bar in central Phoenix that’s just for you!  The brain child of educators Lindsey Schoeneman and Emily Rieve, GenuWine Arizona offers visitors an opportunity to sample a variety of local, and “guest” wines without having to buy the whole bottle!

Here’s how it works:  Once you open a tab, you are given a self-serve key card.  That card gives you access to 21 bottles of wine on tap.  Don’t want a whole glass?  No problem!  Pour a 1oz sampler.  Find a winner?  Pour an 8oz glass.  Want to try them all?  Have at it!  Each pour is priced according to the cost of the bottle.  A 1oz sample of $8 bottle costs less than that of a $32 bottle.  If you find one you really like, you can purchase a bottle to take home.  Not into wine?  They have nine AZ beers to choose from, three on tap!  Hungry?  Pair your libations with a customized platter of meats and cheeses.

A great place for parties or just a quiet afternoon to try something new.  They even have a number of board games to make for a great bit of nostalgia.  Check the web site for live music and special events!  Call 602-682-7494


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