Hawaii comes to Arizona

DSCN0850So how do you keep 22+ people content in a 16 x 20 room while waiting for the outside temp to drop south of triple digits?  Easy!  BBQ and booze!  So obviously it was Hawaiian BBQ, right?  Not quite.  It was Kansas City BBQ with Hawaiian decorations, but really, semantics.  The pork butt was by far the best I’ve ever had, and having judged over fifteen contests, that’s saying something.  Of course it may just be saying that I’m completely bias, but let’s not dwell.

About the BBQ: I smoked two butts though I knew we wouldn’t eat 16 pounds of pork – or rather, I knew I wouldn’t LET 16 pounds of pork be devoured!  After an overnight brined in fruit juice, I smoked them for 10 hours @ 205 (love my BBQ Guru) on Friday.   The following afternoon I reheated the butts in the oven before returned them to the grill to create the bark.  WOW!  Unbelievable.  I also brined and smoked 15 pounds of chicken thighs that went largely untouched, but at least Thene and I will be spared cooking for a few weeks.

Speaking of my lovely bride and our super hostess, she created our photo backdrop; a sunset-ocean scene complete with jumping dolphin.  Like I said, the décor was Hawaiian including a Hawaiian music channel on Pandora!  And of course everyone got leid when they arrived – I’m talking about garland necklaces here people, get your minds out of the gutter.

Sunset split the group and half moved outside.  Mini tiki torches and a string of paper lanterns lent the proper mood for colorful tales recounted by several of us who have traveled to the more exotic areas of the Far East (all were military-related).  It’s always interesting to see the cultural shock on people’s faces.  Incredibly, things wrapped up pretty early, around 8:00.  Well, probably for the best, those rum drinks can sneak up on ya.

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