It really is a dry heat!

The really hot weather has yet to settle on Phoenix, it’s only broken into triple digits a few times and not even that of late.  The thing is, even when it does get up to 110, 115 even 120 it’s just not the same as 90 degrees with 99% humidity like back in the Midwest.  Additionally, escaping the heat is as simple as stepping into the shade.  A dip in the pool is even better, the rapid evaporation (which also prevents most sweating) actually leaves you feeling cold.  There are many who love the lush forests of Michigan, the lakes of Minnesota and the rolling hills of Tennessee, and I must admit, those places all have their merits.  But after a lifetime of clothes-sticking humidity, blood thirsty mosquitoes and nightmarish weather (in any season), the Southwest is a nice change.  Think we’ll stay for a while!Image


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