Losing Your Christmas Goo!!

The new year is upon us and soon the ghost of Christmas past will turn up to haunt those of us who went a bit o-o-over the limit on our cookie consumption.  The number one New Year’s resolution is weight loss, so I thought I’d take a quick look at some of the most popular “take a pill” options.

Supplements fall into one of three categories: they reduce your appetite, they reduce absorption (AKA “blockers”) or they increase your metabolism.

Appetite suppressors: There are two main camps in this category.  Some products use hormones (like serotonin) to “trick” your body into feeling full.  Straight forward enough.  However, side effects can be severe, including heart attacks, stroke, and suicidal tendencies.  Not good!   Other products use ingredients that absorb water and swell in your stomach, thus making you feel full.  Side effects can include blockages in your GI track.  Neither option will affect overeating, eating too fast (and not listening to your body to stop eating when full), or those who eat out of boredom, anxiety or other non-hunger related issues.

Fat/Card blockers:  In theory, these products interfere with your body’s digestion process and thus prevent the absorbing of calories.  There’s just one problem.  They don’t really work as hyped, and when they do, they also inhibit the absorption of nutrients.  They also have rather unpleasant side effects!  There’s yet another theory that that attributes weight gain to essentially an irritated bowel.  Specifically, a low-grade inflammation.  What does low-grade inflammation have to do with weight-gain?  This article covers that question in great detail, but the punch-line is that certain foods (and they are unique to the individual) can cause your intestines to become irritated (inflamed) and thus trigger your immune system which ultimately results in gain weight.  Some blockers claim to counteract the irritation brought on by fats & carbs, but the problem here is that fats & carbs aren’t the only contributors to the inflammation!  There are better (more effective and healthier) alternatives that eliminate (or reduce) fats, carbs, and other irritant foods.

Metabolic boosters: These products use ingredients like caffeine or products with similar effects to increase the body’s natural energy consumption.  The downside is that too much caffeine (or similar) can have adverse effects on the nervous system and the heart and can cause nausea.  Points to consider when taking these supplements in the morning with your coffee or tea. 

For most people, the best advice is diet and exercise.  No pill that can make you into Adonis from your armchair and you could spend all day in the gym and still not lose weight if all you do is fill your body with sugar, fat and carbohydrates.  That goes for alcohol, too.  Whether it’s beer, wine, or whiskey it’s just fermented sugar and some (like beer) have a double whammy effect of adding calories AND reducing your metabolism.  But even the most diligent, healthy-eating gym-rat can hit a wall.  That’s where supplements can help.

But which one to use?  There are dozens of websites touting hundreds of products.  While it would appear that metabolic boosters are the safest and most effective option, people definitely need to consider the ingredients.  Some products, such as green coffee bean extract and caffeine have been weight-loss staples for years with clinical trials to back-up their claims.  Others, like green tea extract, have additional health benefits such as antioxidants, which make them an attractive consideration.  There are always new products coming out with interesting promises.  Let common sense me your guide.  Everything in moderation.  A healthy diet, moderate dalliances with sugar and alcohol, and vigorous workout are your best options.  Obviously, all of this with your doctor’s approval where relevant.  As for supplements, well.  It’s buyer beware.

For more information, check out these sites:

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