Mission Trip Status and a Thank You

We’re about a month from wheels-up and as you can imagine, the team is in high spirits – I guess you could say Holy Spirits!  Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!

Part of our prep-work is reading and discussing When Helping Hurts by Corbett and Finkert.  The gist of the book is a new approach to mission work, and one that I personally am glad to see.  Gone are the days of old when missionaries descended upon a country to save them, without working with the locals to see what they wanted or needed.  This, of course, resulted in the abandoned schools, farm equipment and community centers that many have read about, and which has discouraged so many from contributing to, or volunteering for, other mission trips.  The new approach is to engage local leaders and discover what they want for their community, the resources they have available, and see how we can temporarily fill needs until the community can become self-sufficient.  The whole team is very excited about the long-term impact this new approach will have.  We feel like our efforts, though small at first, have a potential for generational impact.

Speaking of the team, we have all been hard at work with our fund-raising.  Thene and I would like to personally thank those who have donated to my trip.  We have raised almost $1000 through donations from friends, businesses and people who have hired me to do handyman jobs and dog-sitting services.  I have been actively spreading the word, and I’m confident that we will hit our mark by the time I pack my bags.

Those of us in the team have shared with each other a list of prayer requests.  For the most part, the prayer requests are for our families.  Several members of the team are leaving behind children who ages span 5-17, and who will all be starting school when we leave.  We all ask that you keep them in your prayers, as well the team members ourselves.  Pray that we are all are kept safe, pray for inner peace, and pray for the success of our trip.

I’ll keep you all up-to-date.  Thanks again to all!

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