The Team is Formed

The team is formed!  Our first meeting is in our wake:  Gary our leader, Jon our Renaissance man, Justin our youth, Joanna our photojournalist and me, the writer.  In five short weeks, we’ll be heading for the airport.

Our mission directive is based on the new Community Health Evangelism (CHE) approach.  We will not be building churches that will be dismantled for the lumber a day after the missionaries leave.  We will not be tilling fields that will be ignored.  We will not be painting walls that will be covered with graffiti.  The CHE approach engages and empowers local leaders, and asks the question, “What do you want to achieve for your community?  What local resources are available, and how can we help you reach your goals?”  This new approach requires long-term partnership and the sweat-equity of those in the community.

CHE core values are:

  • Integration and Wholesomeness
  • Commitment to the Poor and Marginalized
  • Long-term Solutions
  • Local Ownership and Initiative
  • Participatory Learning
  • Multiplication and Movements
  • Christian Servant Leadership
  • Contextualization / Local Adaptation

We will interact with  Cahaya Suku, the in-country team, and meet with community leaders to discover how CCV can further their efforts to empower the local population to achieve independence, self-respect, and sustainability.  We concentrate our efforts on long-term solutions that break the cycle of poverty and disease.  We focus on development rather than relief, and disease prevention rather than the cure.

This is CCV’s first visit to Indonesia, and we will be looking for ways to have a long-term impact in the area.  We are still in need of your financial support and prayers.  Please visit the links I’ve posted, follow my blog, watch for Phoenix-based team fund-raiser events, and keep us in your prayers.  We are excited about our mission and hope that our efforts will have a positive effect.



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