The Road to Jakarta – it’s time for personalized fund-raising!

Hire me, don’t pay me a dime, and get a tax deduction!  

To help fund my mission trip to Jakarta, I’m going to roll-up my sleeves and put on a few of my old hats.   Here’s what I can do:

  • Handyman Work:  light electrical, plumbing, carpentry, repair.  I have an extensive construction back ground and even owned a handyman business for several years.  Trust me, you are in good hands.
  • Cooking & Baking:  I attended culinary school, and once owned a catering/cooking school business.  Cooking parties are a blast, but if you want a private chef for a special night, give me a call.
  • Pet/house sitting:  Can’t get home to let Fido out?  Going out of town for a few days?  I’m your guy.  I can also pick-up the mail, water the plants, etc.
  • Light office work:  I’m competent on the computer, filing, organizing and so forth.

This is a win-win for everybody.  If you hire me, you can either pay me cash or make a tax-deductible donation to my church to fund the mission trip.  Here’s a break-down of suggested donations:

  • Handyman work:  $50/hour, obviously you must provide all the materials, I have tools.
  • Cooking & Baking:  We can discuss this, but $20/hr is pretty typical.
  • Pet/house siting: $10 per visit, but this, too, is negotiable, especially if you need me there several times.
  • Office Work: $10/hr

Let me be clear, these are only SUGGESTED donation amounts.  I appreciate anything you feel comfortable giving.  And if you lack the need for any of my offerings, tell me what you need, and perhaps we can work something out.  If all else fail, I’d still appreciate your donation.

How far am I willing to travel?  15 miles from Anthem


Click here to go to the CCV Tax Deductible Online Mission-Giving Site.  Click on SUPPORT A SHORT TERM MISSION, create your online giving account, select the Indonesia trip, and designate my name.

Click here to go to the site for my own personal fund-raising.  Donations on this site are NOT tax-deductible, but still very much appreciated. If you don’t itemize your taxes, and don’t need the tax deduction, this is an option.

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and any donation you wish to make.  CCV and Indonesian Team WILL make a difference!



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