The Road to Jakarta

Brother, can you spare a dime?  Ok, I’ll actually need more than a dime. I’m going on a mission trip to Indonesia.  Yes me, Roger, not Thene.  Our church, Christ Church of the Valley (CCV), is sending a small group to Jakarta this September.  I’ll be the team writer journaling the experience, and I need a strong support team here at home.

If you know me at all, you’re probably wondering how I got turned on to all of this?  Well, a few Sundays ago, while waiting for service to begin, Thene and I read that the church was planning several mission trips with one to Jakarta.  Off-handedly, I mentioned that I’d like to go.  Her response was expected.  She asked me who I was, and what had I done with her husband!  True, I’ve never been on a mission trip, let alone shown any interest, so I guess this is Divine Inspiration – literally.

So why care about Indonesia when there’s plenty to do right here at home?  Fair enough.  I believe spreading aid outside our borders has a boomerang effect, and Indonesia is a good place to have on our side.  For starters, the place is pretty big.  In terms of total area, Indonesia is the seventh largest country in the world, spread out over 17,000 islands.  The culture is equally vast; 238 million people with 742 languages spanning 300 ethnic groups.  They have the largest economy in South East Asia, and though they are a religiously-free country, Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim-majority nation.  They are a society that values education, free trade and good relations with the West.  Humanitarian efforts will demonstrate our desire to help without imposing our own cultural beliefs.  Goodwill can go a long way.

There are several organizations currently working in the area.  Partners International is focused on community development projects in rural villages; their Indonesian team, Cahaya Suku, is focusing on leadership training and community health evangelism.  The Indonesian Literacy Network concentrates on reading clubs, community libraries, and family health.

The CCV team will partner with these existing teams, supporting their local outreach, and participate in leadership training for Community Health Education teams, English clubs for adults and college students, reading clubs for parents and their children, start-up consulting for small businesses, and working in local preschools for children of poor families.

So, like I said at the start of this letter, I need a strong support team.  What is that?  Well, there’s just no nice way to put this: part will be financial.  The trip will cost $4000 per person, and Thene and I are committed to at least one-third of this ourselves.  If you’d like to financially support our mission, you have a couple of options.  There’s the tax-deductible option via CCV, or non-tax-deductible via my site on

The second part is your prayers, and I mean this sincerely.  The flight from LA is 16 hours, and it is a region of the world where some scary things have happened in the past.   Pray that we will be successful in our efforts, and pray that God keeps us all safe.

In addition to prayers and dollars, the team will need ongoing emotional support from home.  While on my long deployments in the Navy, the two greatest words to hear were “Mail Call!”  Of course, today we have the luxury of email and the internet.  Please be a part of the US support team.  Watch my blog for daily stories and send us your thoughts and prayers.  I’ll post stories along the journey as often as possible.  I hope my tales convey the wonder of Indonesia and our impact in the region.


Click here to go to the CCV Tax Deductible Online Mission-Giving Site.  Click on SUPPORT A SHORT TERM MISSION, create your online giving account, select the Indonesia trip, and designate my name.

Click here to go to the site for my own personal fund-raising.  Donations on this site are NOT tax-deductible, but still very much appreciated.

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and any donation you wish to make.  CCV and Indonesian Team WILL make a difference!


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